Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service

We work with front line employees and often their line managers to ensure the service they deliver impacts positively on the customer experience, creating an uplift in operational performance.

Our Customer Service Excellence programmes typically explore the following areas:

  • Recognising the ‘moments of truth’ in the customer journey and applying high standards in every interaction to create a great experience
  • Understanding the rational and emotional impact of our behaviours on customers, including the power of positive words
  • Identifying the customers’ preferred style and adapting your style to ‘talk their language’
  • Acting with a high degree of emotional intelligence to maintain rapport when handling delicate customer situations
  • Influence the customer from a trusted position of being ethical and having integrity

When working with the line managers of front line employees, we help them get the best from their teams by creating a work environment that is both challenging and supportive.

We equip them with the skills to develop clear and measurable expectations of performance and encourage individuals to be responsible and accountable.

We typically explore the following areas in our programmes with line managers:

  • Running productive briefings and meetings with passion and energy
  • Assessing work styles and drivers
  • Mastering the ability to motivate and inspire a front line team
  • Agreeing goals and priorities, including strategies for managing priorities
  • Handling difficult conversations


At Magnolia there are four core qualities that are the foundation of everything we do. Being true to these qualities enables us to create a positive impact and deliver real results.

Understanding your business

Ensuring we develop a deep understanding of your business. This means having a full appreciation of your current situation and, importantly, where you want to be.

Delivering impactful solutions

Creating and delivering impactful solutions that have a strong cultural fit and are aligned with your business goals. We place great emphasis on learning that resonates strongly with day-to-day realities and can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Connecting with people

An ability to connect very quickly with people within your organisation in a way that strikes a perfect balance between support and challenge. This means that our programmes are meaningful, relevant and enriching for the people attending.

Always adding value

everything we do is driven by a commitment to enhancing employee engagement and, ultimately, the performance of your business. While never straying from a brief we always think about ways to add value to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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