Our performance coaching programmes are highly interactive, providing lots of time and space for skills practice and feedback.

Successes experienced by those who’ve attended our programmes include higher employee engagement scores, improved performance and a consistent demonstration of company values. With effective coaching, managers feel more confident and better equipped to take on any situation.

We typically cover the following in our programmes:

  • Exploring the coaching spectrum, from directive to non-directive styles
  • Goal setting
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Listening at a deeper level
  • Building ‘creative tension’ to identify new options and possibilities
  • Generating commitment and responsibility
  • Delivering transformational feedback
  • Challenging performance gaps with confidence and respect
  • Coaching reflective practice, evaluation and supervision


At Magnolia there are four core qualities that are the foundation of everything we do. Being true to these qualities enables us to create a positive impact and deliver real results.

Understanding your business

Ensuring we develop a deep understanding of your business. This means having a full appreciation of your current situation and, importantly, where you want to be.

Delivering impactful solutions

Creating and delivering impactful solutions that have a strong cultural fit and are aligned with your business goals. We place great emphasis on learning that resonates strongly with day-to-day realities and can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Connecting with people

An ability to connect very quickly with people within your organisation in a way that strikes a perfect balance between support and challenge. This means that our programmes are meaningful, relevant and enriching for the people attending.

Always adding value

everything we do is driven by a commitment to enhancing employee engagement and, ultimately, the performance of your business. While never straying from a brief we always think about ways to add value to achieve the best possible outcomes.

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