We work with a wide range of organisations, drawing upon concepts and techniques from various fields in the development and delivery of our programmes.

These include Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Neuro Science as well as psychometric tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator, FiroB and Strengths Deployment Indicators. We select the most appropriate concepts and methodologies to deliver the best outcomes.


Leadership & Management Development

Credible research, backed up by our own experiences, shows that when leaders get it right, their people become more engaged and committed, resulting in significant increases in discretionary effort and performance.

Working predominantly with first and second line leaders, we expand their capacity to connect with and inspire individuals and teams to achieve exceptional results.

Our programmes look at how leadership behaviour influences the day-to-day commitment, motivation and performance of those they lead, applied to a range of real and important work situations.



Performance coaching is a core capability for leaders and many other business professionals.

Effective coaching empowers others to improve their performance by thinking for themselves, making best use of their strengths, identifying where and how to make personal shifts and, ultimately, achieving more of their potential.

Balancing being a line manager and a coach can sometimes be difficult. It demands the highest qualities of the manager; accurate empathy, integrity and positive regard combined with a willingness to challenge performance and behaviour while maintaining good relationships.

Our programmes help the leaders coach within your organisation to increase levels of employee engagement, release talent and, crucially, produce tangible results.

Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence

Service is increasingly seen as the differentiator in a market where 70 per cent of the working population liaise directly with the customer.

People who really understand how to engage their customers with the right mix of human and business interaction can make all the difference between so-so and exceptional performance.

Having employees who understand how their actions and behaviours impact the needs and feelings of their customers can set you apart from your competitors.

Our programmes explore how to create positive ‘moments of truth’ in the customer experience that increase satisfaction and loyalty, setting a benchmark which ensures outstanding service never slips.